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Our Brand New Kid's Line!

Humor, Hijinks And The Start Of A



What We're About...

Michael Gentile, Founder

With a diverse performance background ranging from classical tragedy to modern screwball comedy, Michael is a trained student of human behavior and heartfully believes that the arts are a natural conduit to human communication. As such, he has an innate ability to engage people, whether through a character or a product, put to good use in successful Real Estate and Private Investigations careers. Performances in the American classic "To Kill a Mockingbird" at the Queens Theatre and the neo-noir indie sleeper "Pickings" (Theatrical release, Amazon, ITunes, Youtube Movies) are among his favorites, with "A Hundred Looks of Love" and "Fall Fever" (filming in Sri Lanka!) being the most anticipated.

MG Frocks is the invention of NYC actor Michael Gentile. Michael is a gentleman who prides himself in seeing the humor within any heavy world issue, and wants to pass on that philosophy across the country via his various frocks of fashion. Having spent years entertaining audiences in both small and sizable arenas, he thought it was time to display a small dose of his personal high jinks by way of wardrobe.

Within this last year, one of the more heated debates that citizens are having centers around the President's hard stance on building a border wall. Hence, he took to pen and paper, doodling a design that is both funny and also fully impartial as to any personal political opinion on this topic. The image is both cheeky while being classy, as well as clever and crafty. He combines graffiti graphics of freedom (the US Flag and Lady Liberty) with animated figure heads who hail no particular ethnicity nor passionate emotion about this actual issue. Wall Wit serves as a solid reminder that we can differ personally and politically while remaining lighthearted and largely respectful in the regard of other people's opinions.


Michael's line of leisure wear is presently limited to T-shirts, with an eventual expansion to intimate wear, beanies/berets, and beverage holders. Retail price is set at $15.00, and shipping is available in all fifty states. T-shirts are available in sizes M-XXL to fit both male and female customers. MG Frocks has a corporate headquarters in both Wisconsin and New York City. 

Cindy Mich 


Managing Partner

Cindy Mich has been a freelance writer for over 25 years, as well as an active media personality and award winning journalist. She is the CEO of her own writing/editing business called Cin's Sweet Creations. Cindy is also the founder and fueling force behind the NYC based independent film festival, Art is Alive, now in its third year. Most recently, she has started providing PR services for indie artists across the 50 states. 2019 will bring life to her largely anticipated broadcast venture - being the founder of the indie TV network, CIN TV, which will be focusing on streaming indie productions of all types. It will also find her performing 100 public screenings of her first indie short film, "A Hundred Looks of Love". 


Cindy and the Founder of MG Frocks, Michael Gentile, met through the most recent season of her film festival. First, they partnered up in film, then fostered the idea of creating a frock business. Now, here they both are, touring the town with their chic clothes and creative cinema.